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MacSween Ceremonial Haggis 1.8kg

MacSween Ceremonial Haggis 1.8kg
MacSween Ceremonial Haggis 1.8kg

Serves 8

MacSween chieftain or ceremonial haggis which is one of our best sellers. 

MacSween of Edinburgh, a third generation family company, has been at the forefront of haggis and black pudding making for 60 years. MacSweens produce award-winning products handcrafted to unique family recipes, using the finest ingredients. MacSweens believe that the foundation of their business' success is our team, and we recognise the importance of our people and our place within the local community. As pioneers of Scotland's national dish, MacSweens are passionate about taking haggis to a new place in an environmentally and ethically sustainable manner, and extolling haggis as a versatile ingredient that is perfect for all seasons, occasions and places.  

Please note that if you order more than one of our chieftain (cermonial) haggis we reserve the right to provide you the equivalent weight made up of other sizes of MacSween haggis. 

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